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Hey, my name is Laimonas and I am the founder of statusping.
When I was a solo project owner, I understood the importance of having the project running smoothly. Any issues, especially unnoticed ones, would have an impact on customers and their trust in my service. Since failures are unavoidable I needed a way to notice and mitigate them as soon as possible. Also I wanted to be transparent of any problems and keep my customers in the loop of the resolution work being carried out.
For that I was looking for a single easy-to-use service to monitor different types of resources I used in my project and an ability to keep my customers informed on any ongoing issues and their resolution. Unfortunately, all the tools I found were either intended to monitor some single type of resource or geared towards businesses and were expensive. To bridge this gap I started working on statusping.
statusping is a reliable service that gives everyone the same monitoring tools - whether you're a solo project owner, a team or a business. It's simple to set up and use, with features like customizable alerts and notifications that let you know when something's not quite right. In addition to monitoring it also provides status pages to keep your customers up to date on any issues your service is experiencing.
Thanks for reading about statusping!
Sincerely, Laimonas
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